Summer pub paddles

Enjoying a pub paddle is a great way of develpoping your paddling skills nand is ideal as a team building exercise with work or friends

A Pub Paddling is a great way to spend a day out on the river with friends’ or family. We run paddles to several local pubs

Our paddling to the pub sessions include paddles on the River Stort and River Lea with opportunities to have a break or a light meal at a pub on route.

Paddling on the RiverStort from Kecksys Marina

Paddling to Port Jackson from Twyford Lock

Our introductory pub paddle on the River Stort is from Twyford lock near Bishops Stortford into the heart of town where we stop at the Port Jackson aptly named after the founder of the Navigation who funded the construction of the Navigation.

Other paddles we offer include pub paddling sessions at sheering Mill where its possible to paddle to the Pub at Harlow Mill which offers Beefeater offerings as part of our trip towards harlow through Pishobury park and Sheering with a lock portage at feakes lock on route.

Paddling to the Port Jackson

For those looking for a more adventurous paddle we also offer bespoke pub paddling sessions on the River Lea at Hertford where we paddle the Hartford loop which includes a couple of weir drops with a visit also to the Barge inn on the River. Access here is a little more challenging but its well worth the effort to enjoy a traditional pub side restaurants which offers a range of Free house beers and a homely atmosphere.

The Port Jackson is a Wetherspoons pub which offers a wide range of food which is delivered efficiently when out for a paddle.

Access for the pub is relatively straightforward as the pub backs onto the river via a set of steps right where we are able to land right next to the pub.

Portage at Tednamebury on the pub paddle

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