Family Paddling Tips

Have fun as a family outdoors and explore your local waterways

Family paddling sessions are all about getting out, paddling and having fun together on the River Stort.   We have a wide range of boats for hire  suitable for family paddling and offer canoes and kayaks suitable for your family of all ages.  

For younger paddlers we recommend going on a short first adventure. At the club we have clip in seats and mini paddles for little paddlers, ideal for kids to play with and gain confidence whilst developing paddling skills. 

Aim to have wipes, snacks and a drink as little paddlers will find that they get hungry or thirsty in the boat when starting out on their first adventutre.

Our family paddles are led by qualified coaches with extensive experience of paddling with young children and families.   Its reassuring to have someone watching out for you on a first family outing.  Think about bringing along a friend who can paddle with you so you can keep all the family entertained.

our family paddling sessions are designed so that you can undertake a there and back paddle and typically  Sessions last 2 – 2.5 hours.  

Older paddlers will tend to want to be in single kayaks –

these are stable single person boats and are easy to paddle by older children over 9 years old.

We normally are able to get our young paddlers to try them out when we have spare boats available near the end of a session if kid want to try out their own boat for the first time.

During paddling sessions Adults must accompany children under 9 at all times whilst undertaking activities. 

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Important Information

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