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I have been paddling the Dart over many years and it’s still a favourite. Often staying on top of Dartmoor at Princeton and driving late on a Friday night the site of an illminated prison in a pitch black horizon seems to draw you in like a bright light to a moth as you draw near along darkened c roads winding up over the moor to create the feeling of entering a desolate place

Getting ready to paddle the River Walkern with Whoosh Explore 2017

The River Dart offers a great opportunity to introduce paddlers to moving water and also experience some of the best paddling when river levels are up on the Dart. Within The River Walkern and Tavy offer a fantastic experience for paddlers looking an exciting paddle on a great stretch of river

and introduction to white water, often in combination with a paddle on the Dart Loop, a classic first paddle.

Paddling on the River Walkern and Tavy. The River offers really nice grade 2/3 water ideally suited to open boating.

For those looking for excitement the upper Dart offers the most exciting paddling experiences in the country but can fluctuate considerably with rainfall as the Dartmoor acts like a huge sponge so that water will gather up on the top of the moors but will then Suddenly collapse creating fantastic adrenaline filled paddling experiences.

Paddling on the River Walkern with Whoosh Explore Canoe Club Adventure holidays
Paddling on the River Walkern with Whoosh Explore Canoe Club Adventures
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