Paddling on the River Stour

Checking out the boats at Bures ready to paddle to Nayland

Paddling on the River Stour.

The River Stour in Suffolk offers a great paddle, is near to Sudbury, and several hire and paddleboard companies can offer boats for hire, but there’s more to enjoy by paddling the river on a guided tour with our club.

Most of the weirs are safe to explore at normal levels , a spray deck on a kayak is definitely an additional bit of kit, but on a sunny day there are always places and time to dry out and watch the fun of others taking a plunge.

The Stour has many things to offer paddlers including its Weirs, drops, and pubs on route as it’s the home for the River Stour Trust who offer great parking at the Granary for paddlers. We have been members of The River Stour Trust which help with maintaining the river. We have been on the River many times over the years and have watched and paddle each year from Sudbury to the Sea which is an annual paddling event as our kids have grown up paddling, swimming and playing on stretches of the river.

Steep weirs below Henny offer a challenge to open boaters
Canoeing with Kids on the River Stour in Suffolk.
Paddling trips to the River Stour in canoes, When we paddle with kids an open boats a great opportunity to head out and for a day paddle or weekend trip canoes offer the flexibility to take all you need for a fun day or weekend on the river. Its a bit more work when your paddling team need a rest so a bribe of Rich tea biscuits or custard creams may get a little paddler back on track.
Paddling Weirs on the River Stour

Paddling the weir at Nayland. As we get near to the finish point there’s one last weir to navigate before the Anchor pub and a late lunch- or early tea.

Running the weirs is a great alternative to portaging at the official portage points which have been built along the river which are well signposted. The Environment agency have done a good job of making access easy for paddlers and is one of a few rivers that really works as a paddlers river – once a navigation the river has a real mix, with Several sections restored for boats at the section from Sudbury to Henny and further downstream from Stratford St Mary to Dedham.

Playing on the weirs at a low level offer a sticky wave to practice support strokes, edging and trimming of the boat

Paddling on the weirs on the River Stour  with Whoosh Explore canoe Club.

Paddling below Rushbanks campsite at Wissington on the River Stour which has riverside camping

Paddling to the Henny Swan offers classic there and back paddle with a great stop, best paddled when water levels are low as its a bit more of a challenge heading back upstream.

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