River Spey Adventure

River Spey Scotland
Family adventure on the River Spey Chloe and Caitlin headed over the falls and it was so shallow we had push the boats off of the rocks Chloe jumped ship heroically leaving Caitlin to complete the falls on her own, such was the river levels on the day
Heading down the washing machine rapids at Knockando, somehow the girls had got ahead and the next  thing we knew they where heading off down the rapid whislt we looked on as  they skilfully negociated the tongue of the falls breaking out below into an eddy and out leaving us amazed.

Paddling with a wild camp each evening

With just a few days available to us before heading onto scout camp at Lochearnhead we drove down to meet the sea at Speyside and spent the day on the look out for whales and dolphins, safe in the knowledge that at some point in the future we planned to head back up to Scotland. 

Caitlin striking a cool pose in the front of the Firefly

As we headed downstream we spent the evening of our 3rd days paddle looking for a wild camp, we started with a plan to camp on one of the islands until we discovered that the boys boat had forgotten to bring along the tent, which they had somehow left behind. Chloe found the ideal campsite  it a bit boggy and we found a space where we could suspend our hammocks and nearby a space to pitch a tent.

We had entrusted the boys with our most important possessions- the supplies for the evening meal- At this point we discovered that when the boys boat had capsized earlier in the day the food – more importantly our supply of puddings and chocolate had been flooded with river water!. We had to make an emergency trip to the nearest town for reinforcements as well as a trip back to base camp for tents and fresh supplies.