White Water paddling

Looking to develop white water paddling skills.
Whoosh Explore work with paddlesports coaching to develop your skills, from introducing novice paddlers to developing whitewater mastery in paddlesport.

One of the great things about being close to London is the access we have to the white water at Lee Valley White Water Centre, which is an established a legacy canoe course to develop paddlers. our instructor team are all keen white water paddlers at whoosh

A paddling Legacy

Built as an introductory paddling venue alongside the Olympic Slalom course, the Legacy Course offers beginners and paddlers looking for a weekly training session the ability to get out on the whitewater course on a Wednesday evening with lee valley paddlesports club.

The options for boats is pretty wide with new boats regularly coming onto the market; each developed for individual styles of paddling ranging from stubby short play-boating kayaks for pulling tricks in holes to slicey boats for popping ends and surfing waves, to creek boats great for tackling the bigger volume water found on the Olympic course.

Looking to get into exciting paddling book a recreational taster session with Whoosh Explore to try paddling, head out to paddle a demo boat with Above and below or book a bespoke white water lesson with paddlesports coaching.

The Legacy course