learning to paddle – what kit should I Buy

learning to paddle is a great challenge to have as there are so many aspects to paddlesport that can be explored so picking up a paddling skill can open up a wide range of possibilities. Our parent organisation kind of reflects this going from British canoe union, to British canoeing, from go canoeing to finally settling on Paddleuk as the new name for Paddlesports in the country. A name that reflects all the opportunities that getting out on the water in floating things offers.

as a club we have canoes in a range of different sizes and shapes ranging from fast flat water touring boats to larger boats for expeditions on white water, for our kayaking we touring boats, white water boats and even a few play boats and even our paddleboards come in a selection of different types from beginners boats to sports shaped boats for distance paddling.
A common question to those entering the sport is what boat shall I get, unfortunately the answer is not straightforward as there are so many great products out there to try out that the best thing to do is try paddling with a club and ask to borrow boats – even in my families selection of personal boats we have all ended up paddling with different kit from different manufacturers as well as clothing from different brands.

our boats for beginners are touring ethos tens for larger paddlers and ethos nines for smaller paddlers and we tend to use TNP paddles for those starting out, our club paddle of choice is the TNP Rapa, a nice lightweight paddle.

I paddle a Pyranha Scortch at the moment, it needs a few modifications and some ancient Werner paddles as well as a peak touring BA mainly as it’s got large pockets for a phone in a dry bag that is easily accessible!

Helen paddles a burn, but is upgrading to a Jackson Flow with Werner paddles a palm Drysuit and playboater deck

Chloe’s currently paddling a pyranha burn with Werner paddles and an NRS Drysuit – which was a good size for a smaller female paddler

Caitlin is currently paddling a dagger code which is another great moving water boat, Palm Drysuit and paddles from kober.

so to go out and get a boat off eBay is one thing and to find a boat that will allow you to develop is something else, it’s really a great time with so many boats out there to try out, and probably the reason we have so many different kinds of boat in our collection.
so my advice is if your looking to buy a boat- start by joining a club, you’ll get to experience a range of paddling kit as well as find a boat that will suit your weight shape size and style of paddling.