We run family paddle courses on Saturday mornings. Develop your paddling experience with the club. Saturday paddles allow you to gain confidence, paddling with a guide or work toward paddle sport  qualifications. We don’t have a lower age range for activities as a family as long as you and your family are water confident and having a capsize will not upset you or your children. We do recommend that families first paddle in a group with a coach or one of our experienced paddlers for safety when you are starting out on your first paddling adventure.

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Family sessions take place the River Stort.   Sessions are for two and a half hours and take place on a Saturday from 9:30 – 12:00.

Families can enjoy development sessions and move on to take part in qualifications to further progress their skills. Most families paddle together to start with at the club. We have also equipment for young paddlers who can join in with paddling activities with their family in our canoes. Older paddlers over 9 can normally paddle their own kayaks and enjoy the freedom of their own boat.

To book any session our timetable and availability are available on Eola.co

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Discover Paddling Training

The Discover  course will help you to develop the fundamentals of paddle sport. on the course you will concentrate on developing your paddling skills to ensure you are able to paddle with confidence.

For more details about our sessions are on eola.co

If you would like more information email peter.nash@yahoo.co.uk